Irish Journal of European Law

Volume 22
Published 2020
Maureen O’Neill and Mary Catherine Lucey – editor

Parental Liability in EU Competition Law: The House Always Wins
by Darach Connolly
30th April 2020
Gun-Jumping in European Merger Control Law: The Law and Practice
by Vincent Power
30th April 2020
Extradition through the Lens of Brexit
By Noreen O'Meara
30th April 2020
European Higher Education: The Legal Foundations of the Bologna Process
By Liz Heffernan
30th April 2020
When Worlds Collide: the CJEU and International Law
By Suzanne Kingston
30th April 2020
Acquisition and Loss of Nationality: Irish and European Perspectives
By Síofra O’Leary
30th April 2020
Maureen O'Neill and Mary Catherine Lucey
30th April 2020
Table of Contents
30th April 2020