Irish Journal of European Law

Volume 21
Published 2018
Diarmuid Rossa Phelan – editor

The Scope and Utility of the Damages Remedy Under Section 3 of the ECHR Act 2003
by Eamonn Butler
31st December 2018
Brexit: Legal and Policy Lessons Learned for the European Union, the Withdrawal Process and European
by Vincent Power
31st December 2018
A Departure from West Tankers after Brexit? Anti-suit Injunctions in the UK Directed to Parties in E
by Margaret Liu and David Mwoni Ndolo
31st December 2018
Do EU Regulations combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism adequately tackle Crypto
by David Connell
31st December 2018
Vertical and horizontal Effect of Directives: recent Irish cases
by Eamonn Conlon
31st December 2018
Executing a European Arrest Warrant in the Middle of a Rule of Law Crisis: Case C-216/18 PPU Ministe
by Neža Šubic
31st December 2018
The Giant has woken up: the European Union’s Plans for the Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
by Dimitrios Kafteranis
31st December 2018
Book Review: Rosemary Jay, Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation: A Companion to Data Prot
by Caiti Connolly
31st December 2018
by Diarmuid Rossa Phelan
31st December 2018
Rule of Law – Threats and Challenges
Anthony Collins
30th December 2018