Irish Journal of European Law

Volume 15
Published 2008
Dermot Cahill

Ireland’s Vision of European Integration
Dick Roche
9th May 2008
50 Years of the Treaty of Rome
Martin Territt
10th May 2007
The growing power of the European Parliament in Europe
Seán Ó Neachtain
9th May 2008
Europe at 50: A Mid-life Crisis? “Democratic Deficit” and “Sovereignty Surplus”
Neil Walker
9th May 2008
The Constitutional Regime of European Integration: The End-Game or the End of the Game?
Nathan Gibbs
9th May 2008
The Fabulous Destiny of the EC Treaty: From Treaty to Constitution to Treaty again?
Laurent Pech
9th May 2008
The European Court of Justice and the Protection of Fundamental Rights
Henry Abbott
9th May 2008
The Common Market at 50
Niamh Nic Shuibhne
8th May 2008
Reaching the Limits of Law? An Overview and Assessment of 50 Years of EU Environmental Law and Polic
Brendan Flynn
9th May 2008
50 Years of Trade Policy: Good Enough or as Good as It Gets?
Rafael Leal-arcas
9th May 2008
The European Union as a Global Actor
Ben Tonra
9th May 2008
Dermot Cahill and Laurent Pech
1st October 2008