Due to COVID-19, the XXIX FIDE Congress that was to be held in The Hague in May 2020 will now take place 12-15 May, 2021 [link to other news piece]. However, the FIDE 2020 Board has announced that the XXIX FIDE Congress Volumes, which includes all of the national reports prepared in anticipation of the congress, are now available. You can view the full reports at the links below. The reports prepared by the Irish rapporteurs are available here.

The reports provide a valuable comparative perspective on each of the three topics, which will be explored at the XXIX Congress at The Hague next year.  This will present a fascinating opportunity to look at these key areas of EU law in light of recent developments, from the German Constitutional Court’s Weiss judgment to the consequences of COVID-19 on the protection of personal data and the platform industry.